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Measuring 25 meters by 25 yards, the pool has depths of three to ten feet, a diving board and a water slide. There is a separate baby pool with a maximum depth of two feet. Both pools are monitored by Certified Lifeguards during hours of operation. The Pool Staff has been under the direction of Tom Stewart for over 30 years and includes Lifeguards, Desk Attendants, Restaurant Personnel, and Swim Team Coaches.

One of the most popular pool attractions is our competitive swim team with over 180 children ages six to eighteen. The Swim Team competes in the Country Club Swimming Association and is a great way for our youth to interact and form lifelong friendships. Our season runs through June and July and consists of six dual meets and Championships. During season, daily practice sessions focus on strokes, training, and fun. Evening swim meets are very popular events for all ages throughout the season.

In addition to the swim team and swim meets, there are many other pool activities including kids and adult splash parties, movie nights, Sunday dining with live music, Memorial and Labor Day barbeques, and the annual Fourth of July family competition.

The outdoor pool pavilion has a restaurant and bar, open daily from 11:00am to 8:00pm. The pavilion provides plenty of shaded seating, a diverse menu for adults and children, flat screen TVs and music.

2021 Pool Hours
(weather permitting)
June 12 - Labor Day 11:00am - 8:00pm

  1. Upon payment of the established fee for seasonal membership, members and their families are entitled to full pool privileges. All others are to pay guest fees. There is a limit of 4 guest charges for a non-pool member and family. On the fifth guest charge, the member will automatically be charged the full pool membership fee.

  2. Pool registration cards must be on file at the Pool Desk.

  3. Director and staff have full power and authority to insist on compliance with pool regulations and to make any other judgments they deem necessary for the safety and enjoyment of all pool users. Their orders must be obeyed. Any objections or criticisms of the pool staff should be made to the Chairperson of the Swimming Pool Committee, Activities Chairperson or the Board of Directors in writing and signed.

  4. The pool is open during the swimming season from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Hours may be altered by the Pool Chairperson or the Pool Director. Changes in pool hours will be posted on the pool bulletin board, on the website and also listed in the directory.
  5. All members, their families and guests must sign in with their member number at the Pool Registration Desk.
  6. Outing groups cannot use the pool, unless specified. Use of the pool during other than normal hours is limited to special group functions scheduled in advance.
  7. Members are responsible for the conduct and care of their children.
  8. Children under ten years of age must be accompanied by a member who is responsible for their care and conduct. Parents may arrange to have responsible babysitters care for their children, but the Pool Director must be notified in advance.
  9. Arm swimmies will not be permitted as a flotation device at the pool.
  10. Swimmers who wear a life vest are not permitted off the pool slide or the diving board. These swimmers are also not permitted in the deep end of the pool. It is recommended that these vests be "Coast Guard Approved". If you would like to order a vest, see Tom Stewart.
  11. Parents are encouraged to monitor their child if they are wearing a vest.
  12. In order to use the slide or the diving board, a child must be able to swim across the pool without stopping.
  13. Kick-boards will only be used during swim team practices. These are not flotation devices and are dangerous for children that are not strong swimmers.
  14. Under no circumstances will a pool employee accept special responsibility for care of children at the pool.
  15. Guests must be accompanied by a member and must register at the Pool Office. Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests.
  16. Pets are not permitted in the pool areas.
  17. Bathers must take a shower before using the pool.
  18. Bathers are not allowed outside the pool area in bathing attire.
  19. Glass and other breakable materials are not allowed at the pool area.
  20. Food at the pool must be purchased at the Snack Bar.
  21. Food of all kinds must be eaten in the special area provided. (Adult members and their adult guests may consume beverages anywhere in the pool area.)
  23. The lockers are to be used for storing street clothing while bathing. Pool furniture is not to be used for storing street clothing.
  24. Pool offices are restricted to pool employees and the Pool Chairperson.
  25. No foreign objects are allowed in the pool.
  26. Any acts considered unsafe or as interfering with the enjoyment of others, such as running, pushing, splashing and water wrestling are not permitted.
  27. All outgoing phone calls from the pool area must be made from the pay station located in the Snack Bar area. All incoming calls must be received at the pay station.
  28. Violators of the pool regulations are subject to suspension of pool use.

Additional Reminders

  • Members should use the lower parking lot if they are going to the pool.
  • Children should not be dropped off in the circle or at the entrance to the Pool Bar and Snack Bar.
  • The upper parking lot is for golfers or those going to the Pool Bar or Snack Bar.
  • The entrance by the Pool Bar and Snack Bar is not a pool entrance. Please do not use this entrance as your pool entrance.